Leading global automotive licence, Ultimotive, specialises in...


Ultimotive has a wealth of specialist industry knowledge and as a result the company has the ability to drive brands into prominent positions within the global market. Ultimotive’s vast understanding of the sector means the company is able to support clients at every stage of their growth.


Ultimotive is able to help businesses expand rapidly and move to the next level by promoting products to an expanding worldwide audience. The company leads the way in how international brands market, trade and deliver their products globally.


Ultimotive supplies products to the global market through expert distribution networks, helping brands reach customers and enter different markets across the world.

Licensing & Branding

From market research to new product development and packaging design, Ultimotive is able to take care of all licensing and branding considerations to ensure maximum opportunities for growth.


Paint Protection

Ultimotive’s expertise has enabled many paint protection brands to go from strength to strength. The company has vast experience in the paint protection sector and is able to facilitate the growth of clients through the development of specialist paint protection chemicals and expert sales and marketing strategies.


Innovation is one of Ultimotive’s core strengths and the company takes pride in its ability to offer pioneering compound solutions to clients. As a result of its continual research and development, Ultimotive helps to drive product innovation, often enabling the introduction of new products to the automotive car care marketplace.

Valet Products

Ultimotive works closely with valet businesses to ensure that they have all the products required to meet their specific needs. The company’s vast knowledge of the sector enables Ultimotive to quickly spot gaps in the market and provide effective valet product solutions to the businesses they work with.


Carwash products

Ultimotive’s innovative approach has led to the development and growth of many outstanding products for the car wash sector, enabling clients to maintain leading positions in the competitive global trade and consumer markets. With some of the largest car care brands operating through Ultimotive, the opportunities for growing brands has never been greater. Ultimotive is uniquely positioned to reach global markets, develop new products and secure new customers for ambitious automotive brands.

White Label

In an ever changing global marketplace, Ultimotive’s wealth of expertise and experience facilitates the design, development, creation and supply of products to meet new business opportunities and customer needs. The company is able to work closely with clients to produce white label products to meet exact specifications and requirements.


Ultimotive ensures that the brands it represents dominate and maintain key positions in the market, whilst consistently growing and developing product ranges. Ultimotive’s retail connections are stronger than ever and brands can be confident that their products will be seen in all the right places by key decision makers.